What is Ploni?


...or rather, who is Ploni? In fact, Ploni is probably one of the most famous people in Jewish literature, although nobody knows who he is. In the Talmud, Ploni is also referred to as "Plahn" or "Plonya".

Ploni the Person
Ploni, or more fully, Ploni Almoni, is a ficticious character used in Jewish literature to describe a John Doe, Robert Citizen or 'so and so'. For example:
Ploni who has learned Torah. See how pleasant are his ways. How fine is his behaviour!
Talmud: Yoma, 80a

Other Uses for Ploni
The term "Ploni" is also used by the Talmud and other Jewish literature to describe an unkown place, unit of time or measurement.

Definition and sources courtesy of the Yitzhak Frank "The Practical Talmud Dictionary"
Published by The Ariel Institute, Israel 1994.

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